Dr. Timo Leppänen

Dr. Timo Leppänen got his PhD degree in 2016 at the age of 26 years and his thesis earned a grade of approved with distinction (which is awarded only if dissertation falls in the category of top 5% of its field). Since then, he has been a co-head and principal investigator in the Sleep Technology and Analytics Group (STAG, www.uef.fi/en/web/stag), a research team focusing on sleep-related disorders and development of novel methods and computational tools for analysis of polysomnographic data. In 2020, he got an Adjunct Professorship in Medical Physics and Sleep Medicine (Department of Applied Physics, UEF). As an early career researcher, he has published 32 full scientific papers and currently supervises 10 Ph.D. students. Dr. Leppänen has been able to raise more than 1 M€ in external research grants and establish a wide international collaboration network with world’s top-level scientists and research institutes as well as with industry. He has expertise in physiology of sleep and sleep disorders (especially obstructive sleep apnoea), machine learning, statistical and big data analyses, and biosignal measurements and thus, providing excellent support to the proposed project.