A virtual PhD research seminar

PhD research seminars on the 16th of December 2021

We want to have the first (out of hopefully many) virtual PhD research seminar of the Sleep Revolution on the 16th of December. For members of the General Assembly only. The idea is that we focus on the research of the PhD students and that each PhD student gets 20 minutes in total, 15 minutes for presentations and 5 minutes for discussion. We have several slots from 8-12 GMT time / 9-13 CET time / 10-14 EET time. We would like all PhD students to attend if they can, to be able to bond better.

Each presentation should include: i) a brief introduction to the field of study; ii) problem description for the thesis as a whole; iii) the proposed research questions (RQ) for the thesis (or hypothesis for each study) and a time-line for each of the studies that target the RQs; iv) the method and planned data set; v) expected outcomes.

We kindly ask for signups in this sheet (PhD day – 16th of December.xlsx) and we hope that everyone brings their Christmas spirit, and that we can go into the holidays full of enthusiasm for the coming years.

For further information go to our Teams channel or email laraj@ru.is