Dr. Anna Sigríður Islind

Dr. Anna Sigridur Islind is an Associate Professor at Reykjavík University, Department of Computer Science. She is leading the digitalization effort within the Sleep Revolution consortium, and work package 7 of Sleep Revolution. The digital platform, that she was a part of developing during her PhD, has now been implemented and used in clinical practice at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden. In the Sleep Revolution project she leads the design and development of the digital innovation within the project. The digital infrastructure consists of a digital platform that takes in data from participants, which they gather through wearables, sleep sensors and a mobile app. The data feeds into the digital platform, and the physicians, nurses and study co-ordinators can use the data as a part of the clinical decision-making process. Anna Sigríður Islind always works in a multi-disciplinary context and her main focus is on the design, development, and use of digital platforms, mobile apps, sensor data and on data-visualizations for health benefits. She has a variety of published peer-reviewed papers and book chapters.