Empatica Srl

Empatica is a MIT spin-off based in Milan, Italy and Boston, MA, focused on the development, production, and utilization of medical wearables, implementing an AI and sensor-based platform for the monitoring and detection of health-related conditions. The company builds everything in house from hardware, software, to data science pipelines. Empatica’s platform uses a combination of biosensors to detect unique components of human physiology that are distilled in AI-based algorithms to continuously and remotely monitor autonomic activity, movement, sleep and cardiac activity. The E4 and Embrace2 smartwatches are CE marked, and the EmbracePlus device is slated for the same clearance after mass production later this year. A consumer vertical of its work can be seen with their Embrace2 device and platform, which was the world’s first smartwatch to be cleared in Neurology for seizure monitoring, detection, and alerting.

Via Enrico Stendhal 36, Milano 20144, Italy