Frida Ivarsson

Frida Ivarsson is a postdoctoral researcher at Reykjavík University in Iceland. She received her Ph.D. in 2023 in information systems from Gothenburg University, Sweden. She is generally interested in digital transformation, that is in better understanding emerging organizational challenges at the intersection of digital innovation and organizational change. This was the topic of her Ph.D. dissertation, which was based on an approx. 5 year long case study situated in the Swedish forest industry. She is also interested in better understanding and addressing unintended, undesirable, and harmful implications of digitalization for individuals, organizations, and society. In Sleep Revolution, her inquiries focus on people’s experiences of living with wearable devices for producing data about themselves, as well as the invisible work involved in that process. Her work has been published at leading conferences in the information systems field, where two have been nominated for best papers, one of which was awarded as runner-up for best paper at the European Conference on Information Systems 2020.  

Research Interests