Scientific Institute of Pavia Maugeri

Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri SpA Società Benefit (ICSMSPA) encompasses a network of 19 clinical sites and clinical research institutes with special focus on high-level, high quality rehabilitation treatments targeted to neurological, cardiologic, and respiratory patients and disorders requiring chronic treatments. The Maugeri network, as a whole, employs 3,600 staff units, including physicians and scientific personnel, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians, and nursing staff who take care of 2,300 beds, with 30,000 admissions per year. Scientific research is managed by 50 research laboratories that perform basic and clinical research and translational science, having a direct impact on the improvement of patients’ care. Currently, ICSMSPA is a coordinator/partner of 35 research projects at the national and international level and over 200 in-house projects.

Via Salvatore Maugeri 4 , Pavia 27100, Italy