Sleep Revolution General Assembly 2023

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On Monday May 22nd and Tuesday May 23rd the General Assembly for the Sleep Revolution will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland. We have an exciting program for the participants in the making, in which there is both opportunity to gain research insights, on site sleep research training, networking sessions and Q&A´s with specialists. We start Monday the 22nd at 9.00hrs. and end the General Assembly Tuesday the 23rd at 17.00hrs.  We will soon publish the agenda on this website. On Monday we will end the day by having dinner together, we would love to hear if you join us for that and if there are any dietary restrictions to keep in mind.  


The General Assembly will be held at the University of Reykjavík (Háskólinn í Reykjavík, HR). The address of the location is Menntavegur 1, and the distance to midtown Reykjavík is about 2,5 km. The University has a bus stop in front of the building (bus number 8 to Nauthóll, HR). We advise to book a hotel in the downtown area of Reykjavik to be in the vicinity of the University.


We are very excited to welcome everyone to our beautiful Iceland and there is an option to take part in a leisure program on the Sunday before the General Assembly starts (May 21st). Many of you are also taking part in the Nordic Sleep Conference and this ´gap day´ is a perfect opportunity to get to know Iceland. We offer a walk around downtown Reykjavik where we show you some landmarks and tell you more about Iceland´s history, you will have a stunning view over Reykjavik and we will give you a good taste of our favorite local food vendor downtown. After a nice Sunday walk there is an option to go and relax in the Sky Lagoon, a beautiful thermal pool just 10 min. from downtown with stunning views over the sea and an option to toast at a bar in the pool.


It is no longer possible to subscribe for the leisure activity on Sunday May 21th. It is still possible to book a timeslot for the Sky Lagoon and you will very likely meet some Sleep Revolution team members there on the Sunday. For those who are excited to go on adventure in the outbacks on the Sunday, there are a large amount of guided tours that you can book, for example to visit the highlights at the Golden Circle Tour. We are happy to give you recommendations, please ask for this in the comments section at the registration form.


We look forward welcoming you to Iceland!


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