The National Institute of Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health Czech Republic (NIMH CR)is the leading clinical and research-oriented centre in the Czech Republic with the goal to combine basic neuroscience research with clinical practice to facilitate collaboration and transfer of knowledge. NIMH combines basic animal research in the realm of sleep with pre-clinical human sleep research together with the Department of Sleep Medicine. NIMH CR also conducts research on animal models of brain diseases in close collaboration with clinical psychiatry research and practice. Due to the unique combination of expertise and technical facilities, NIMH CR aspires to become a local hub of international interdisciplinary research in brain disease including the field of sleep medicine. NIMH CR is also a training base for medical students of Charles University, young physicians in speciality training, and other post-graduate study programmes (e.g. neurosciences, sleep medicine, biology, psychology and epidemiology). NIMH CR as an organisation is participating in number of international projects, its research cooperation is widespread, and the environment within the institution is welcoming for international workers, who represent a significant proportion of the employees. The most important international joint projects of NIMH CR are represented by FP7, EEA-Norway projects, and by the participation in several research consortia. During last five years, the researches of NIMH CR have worked on 78 national and international projects.

Topolova 748, Klecany 250 67, Czech Republic