The Scientific Institute Bethanien for Pneumology

The Scientific Institute Bethanien for Pneumology (WIBP) is the dedicated clinical research department of Bethanien Hospital, Clinic of Pneumology and Allergology, Centre for Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Care, in Solingen, Germany. Bethanien Hospital is a mid-sized pneumological clinic with approximately 140 beds, including an intensive care unit and a sleep laboratory. WIBP was founded in 2004 by the Chief Medical Officer of Bethanien Hospital, Professor Winfried J. Randerath. The legal form of the institute is a registered association, which is also recognised as a non-profit organisation. In parallel, both the clinic and the institute closely cooperate with the University of Cologne. In this context, WIBP also officially acts as the Institute for Pneumology at the University of Cologne. As of March 2020, WIBP employs five study coordinators and research nurses and one physician, who are all GCP-trained and experienced in the conduct of clinical trials. The spectrum of clinical trials comprises pharmaceutical and medical device multi-centre studies of phases II-IV as well as register studies and investigator-initiated non-interventional studies. The latter are conceived, organised, carried out, evaluated, and published entirely in-house.

Aufderhoher Strasse 169-175, Solingen 42699, Germany