University College Dublin

University College Dublin (UCD) is one of Europe’s leading research-intensive universities currently ranked within the top 1% of higher education institutions world-wide. UCD is Ireland’s most globally engaged university with over30,000 students drawn from 136 countries, including almost 4,000 students based at locations outside of Ireland. The School of Medicine is one of Ireland’s leading medical schools offering more than 60 undergraduate, graduate, research, and professional programmes delivered to more than 1,780 undergraduate and 600 graduate students. St Vincent’s University Hospital is a UCD-affiliated academic teaching hospital providing front line, acute, chronic, and emergency care across over 40 different medical specialities. The Sleep Laboratory at St Vincent’s University Hospital was founded in 1985 and is the largest sleep centre in Ireland performing more than 700 sleep studies per year and having a widespread and expertise in the management of various sleep disorders. It is an internationally renowned centre of excellence and a worldwide leading research centre in the field.

Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland